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GSA Schedule/8(a) Certification


A GSA Schedule and 8(a) Certification is becoming the one-two punch of Federal Contracting. Of the 20,899 firms currently on active GSA Schedules 3,621 of these schedules are held by 8(a) Certified Firms. There are only approximately 7,400 8(a) firms in total and construction firms in most cases are not eligible for GSA Schedule. Therefore
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8a Construction vs. IT/Consulting Marketing Differences


Today I wanted to illustrate the difference between where an 8(a) Construction firm and an 8(a) where an 8(a) IT/Consulting firm should go looking for federal business. I pulled one of the most common Construction NAICS Code 236220 and I pulled three common IT/Consulting codes 541611, 541511, and 541512. There were 64 agencies that purchased
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8a Certification What We Do


8a Certification is a great starting point from which a small business may prosper. However, 8a Certification has never been an easy task for a small business to obtain. Here at www.ez8a.com, we make sure that gender, race or a disability caused while serving our country won’t be a hindrance in making your company a
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8a Certification $2,000,000 Stagnation


If we look at the pattern for firms that currently in year 8-9 in the program we see that the average revenue for these firms begins to stagnate around year 4-9 where the averages stay constant at around $2,000,000 in federal revenue. Now you might be thinking to yourself that I would be pleased if
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Myths About 8a Certification


www.ez8a.com assists minority owned businesses in obtaining an 8a Certification from the U.S. Federal Government in order to help them prosper in their chosen field of business. Due to certain complexities and nuances, this application is considered to be a challenge by many. This is because SBA knows when they award an 8a Certification, this
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Broker Dealers are Ineligible for 8a Certification


SBA Definition: FAR 124.08 “Brokers are ineligible to participate in the 8(a) BD program. A broker is a concern that adds no material value to an item being supplied to a procuring activity or which does not take ownership or possession of or handle the item being procured with its own equipment or facilities.” Exception: Real estate
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8a Business Transformation


Companies that have under $1 million in annual revenue entering the 8a program are billing over $20 million five years into the program. These types of results are possible when a firm becomes 8a certified, and takes full advantage of this certification. Free 8a Market Analysis Eligible company owners do not always realize the large potential benefit
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Withdrawals and Owner Compensation


Background Information – Economically Disadvantaged In order to be 8a certified the owner of the firm must prove they are economically disadvantaged, as defined by the SBA. This means the individual cannot be in the top 1% of income earners or wealth holder in the United States. Three Criteria 1. Average income for the applicant cannot exceed $250,000
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