A. Initial Strategy Interview – approximately 2 hours long with our managing partner which determines eligibility, any documents required, as well as disclosures need to be made to the SBA.

B. Review all business structure documents such as buy-sell agreements and bylaws to make sure they confirm to SBA requirements. Make suggestions for changes when applicable.

C. Assistance with drafts and edits of the socially and economically disadvantaged narratives. Note: The economically disadvantaged narrative is no longer submitted with the initial consultation, but it is still prepared, as the SBA reserves the right to ask for it in the follow up evaluation and examination phases.

D. Review of your registration or register your company in SAM.gov.

E. Perform review of all financial documents required as part of the application process. Identify inconstancies and work out a plan for resolution any and all issues.

F. Review the applicant and businesses tax returns looking for application flaws. These can be issues such as passive income or depreciation issues, etc.

G. Build company financial overview.

H. Build a complete personal financial statement for the individual and complete all application forms.

I. Develop a detailed table of contents for the firm’s application.

J. Review and edit applicants resume.

K. Review all third party supporting documentation.

L. Review the application prior to submittal to insure accuracy.

M. Complete all 8a electronic forms in the 8a certify system.

N. Mail the appropriate documents to client for signature and then upload into the system.

O. If/When the SBA asks questions of the application consult with the client helping to prepare detailed responses.

Our Easy 8a Service Process

  • 1. Free Consultation to determine eligibility, review potential obstacles.
  • 2. Retainer Letter and Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect our client's privacy.
  • 3. Consultation with application checklist preparer. Interviews with Social, Economic and Two-Year Waiver narrative writers.
  • 4. Final review of the application.
  • 5. Answer SBA Business Opportunity Specialist's inquiries.
  • 6. SBA Certification Letter.