Other Contracting Vehicles

One of the elements that makes selling to the government difficult is that even with a meeting of the minds between buyer and seller a transaction must take place that complies with FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation). This is to insure fairness and competitiveness throughout the federal buying process. In order to meet this requirement with vendors where the federal government does routine buying contracting vehicles are put in place. These various contracts are usually regarded as a contracting vehicle because without one a sale to the federal government may not be expeditious (meet time requirements) enough to meet the agencies mission needs. Having a contracting vehicle in place can lessen the time burden from over 200 days to several weeks or less. Contracting vehicles are a critical piece for doing work with the federal government.

We provide services to companies that are wanting to bid/apply for various contacting vehicles. Below are some examples of the contracting vehicles we assist with.

GWACs – The most common Government Wide Acquisition Contract is a GSA Schedule*, it is used for a wide variety of products and services. Other examples of GWACs are Alliant, STARS, VETS, NASA SEWP, NIH (ECSIII, CLOSP).

MACs – Multiple Agency Contract – generally these are non-IT contracts. Telecommunications make up the largest group of MACs however other services such as janitorial and other pooled services are also seen as MACs.

EWACS – Enterprise Wide Acquisition Contracts – This is an agency specific contract that only that particular agency can buy form. These can be more missioned focused contracts however this is not always the case.

*GSA Schedule – This type of contracting vehicle is generally regarded as the starting point. GSA Schedules also make the administration of branching out into other IDIQ contracts easier by already having established pricing. A GSA Schedule in and of itself is an IDIQ contract and can greatly increase the scope and size of a firms federal business.

The number of IDIQ contracts in the Federal space is quite large, there are over 3,000 and generally they renew or have new enrollment every 2-5 years. Finding the right contracting vehicle and waiting for it to become available for enrollment is an important part of federal contracting. This also makes winning a place on an IDIQ contract when they become available important as the opportunity to get on the contract might take several years of waiting for the opportunity to come back around.

We have experience in completing many different type of proposals for many different contracting vehicles. Give us a call and we can monitor your industry and location for when IDIQ contract become available that are a good fit for your firm and help complete your IDIQ proposal once the opportunity is identified.

Our Easy 8A Service Process

  • 1. Free Consultation to determine of eligibility, review potential obstacles.
  • 2. Retainer letter and non-discloser agreement to protect our client's privacy.
  • 3. Consultation with application checklist preparer. Interviews with Social, Economic and Two Year Waiver narrative writers.
  • 4. Final Review of the Application.
  • 5. Answer SBA business opportunity specialist's inquiries.
  • 6. SBA Certification Letter.