8a Two Year In Business Waiver

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Product Description

A two year business waiver is required when any of the following conditions are not met with regard to the business application.

  • The business entity has not been in existence for greater than two years.
  • The owner of the firm who is applying for the 8a Certification has not owned the firm for longer than two years.
  • The business is changing primary NAICS codes and has not done business in the primary NAICS code in which it is applying for greater than 2 years.

Unfortunately not all two year waivers can be successful. The SBA sets a high threshold that must be met regarding the owner’s skills and expertise. Proving these skills to the SBA is required in order to overcome the firm’s “likelihood of success” for lack of a two year track record. The 8a Certification program is not designed for startup companies; therefore, most successful waivers occur on average after 14 months of business. The two year waiver requires a skilled consultant to analyze the owner’s past and current skill set regarding the primary NAICS code to determine what additional validation is need for the SBA to accept the two year waiver. Once 8acertification.net makes the determination that a two year waiver is achievable, a skilled narrative, construed through use of our proprietary questionnaire emphasizing all five elements of the two year waiver provide the greatest chance for the 8a application to be successful.

Our Easy 8a Service Process

  • 1. Free Consultation to determine eligibility, review potential obstacles.
  • 2. Retainer Letter and Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect our client's privacy.
  • 3. Consultation with application checklist preparer. Interviews with Social, Economic and Two-Year Waiver narrative writers.
  • 4. Final review of the application.
  • 5. Answer SBA Business Opportunity Specialist's inquiries.
  • 6. SBA Certification Letter.