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Product Description

Full Service 8a certification services is best overall method of obtaining your SBA 8a Business Development certification. The biggest advantage is the amount of time it takes for a non-consultant to complete their first and generally their only 8(a) application is generally in the neighborhood of approximately 200 hours. Using our services this client workload is cut to approximately 12-16 hours. This is still a time investment on our client’s behalf however considering that of 8(a) applications submitted to the SBA only approximately 30% make it past the SBA’s “review for completeness phase” for many people without a strong background in completing government documents it may be the only way for the firm to successfully obtain an 8(a) certification.

What is included in our Full-Service Package:

1. Initial Strategy Session – A skilled partner with our firm will have a strategy session with the client whereby he/she will search for critical issues that must be disclosed to the SBA, prepare a detailed document checklist, develop a list of document templates to provide the client which need to be included in the application, as well as explaining the overall application process.

2. Document Assembly/Review – Next we will organize and review all of the documents that are required for completing your application. This is critical because a misplaced document within the application package is generally regarded by the SBA not to exist, and having a skilled analyst review the documents during this process allows us to clarify issues to the SBA before the SBA Business Opportunity Specialist initiates an inquiry providing the clearest possible picture to the SBA.

3. Application Completion – Based upon the clients supporting documentation and correspondence we complete all of the applicable forms associated with the SBA 8(a) Application. The advantage of this for our clients is accuracy in completing the forms is crucial to the applications success. Mistakes are often times uncorrectable at later stages of the application review process and therefore it is critical that these forms be correctly completed the first time.

4. Package Review – Once the application is completed, one of our partners will review the application in order to provide a second set-of-eyes for the analysts work. The SBA reads every page of an 8(a) application and is very diligent about finding any inconsistencies in an 8(a) application. This provides “top in the industry” review process, when reviewing the average application done by someone outside of our firm, our partners typically flag over 30 errors within an application.

5. Application Upload – The 8(a) application is submitted in two parts. There is the paper application that contains between 300-500 pages and an online portion which requires D and B registration, sam.gov registration, and GLS Login in order to complete that process. We complete this phase of the process for our clients; therefore, they are only required to review and sign the completed application.

6. SBA Inquiries – It is common for the SBA to have questions regarding an SBA application. This is the most important aspect of the consulting that we provide in the application process. These inquiries/questions from the SBA are all being asked for very specific reasons and thus there is usually only one correct answer and there is always a wrong answer. We will develop with our clients all answers to SBA questions throughout the application process. The likelihood of the SBA asking questions of an application increases if the firm has more than one business owner, has been in business for a short duration of time, has lower revenue then its small business peers, or has ownership that has recently entered into the industry in which the firm serves to name a few.

You can see from the table below what would be regarded as the three paths that an 8(a) firm can take with garnering expert assistance. The Full Service application package in most cases ends up being the most cost effective method when given factors like likelihood of a successful application and the time savings achieved for the principle of the company by having an expert assist during every stage of the application process.

Application Package Service Comparison
  Application Package
Service Full Service Application Completion Review Services
Price Range Comparison $4,500 $2,000-$3,700 $1,400
Initial Consultation Strategy / Document Checklist Yes Yes No
Consultant Document Assembly and Preparation Yes No No
Professional Writer Interviews and Constructs Narratives Yes No No
Call and email Support During Application Process Yes Yes No
Review of 8a Application Prior to submittal Yes Yes Yes
Submittal of 8a Applications Online Yes No No
Strategy Development Regarding SBA Inquires of the 8a Application Yes Yes No

Our Easy 8a Service Process

  • 1. Free Consultation to determine eligibility, review potential obstacles.
  • 2. Retainer Letter and Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect our client's privacy.
  • 3. Consultation with application checklist preparer. Interviews with Social, Economic and Two-Year Waiver narrative writers.
  • 4. Final review of the application.
  • 5. Answer SBA Business Opportunity Specialist's inquiries.
  • 6. SBA Certification Letter.