Who We Are

Advance 8a is an expert provider of 8a application services as well as HUBZone, WOSB and SDVOSB certification services. Our goal is to make obtaining your SBA 8a Certification as easy and timely a process as possible. We are experts at giving our clients the preferred tools needed to win the coveted government contracts.

We also assist clients at getting other state certifications, such as MBE, WBE and DBE certifications as well as local certification such as the New York City certifications. Many of these certifications can be bundled together as the work flow has redundancies and we can offer clients significant time and financial savings by completing multiple certifications at one time. Our client base is diverse and we have provided services for clients in all 50 states as well as U.S. Territories.

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8A Certification Can Be A Confusing and Difficult Process.
Let Us Take the Lead.

We are experienced at resolving complex 8a application show stoppers. Whether you are a 100% minority owned firm with multiple years in business or a firm that has multiple minority owners or non-minority owners with a track record of less than two years in business, we have the knowledge and expertise to properly prepare your 8a Application. Sometimes these issues can be resolved in days and sometimes we provide a client with a 12-18 month plan for them to follow in order to become 8a certified.

Give us a call and we will determine your eligibility for the 8a Certification, and help make government contracting a reality for your firm.

Call Us: 513-843-4288 or Email: info@ez8a.com

What We Do

8(a) Business Development Program

The SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program is designed to assist businesses owned by individuals who are socially and economically disadvantaged by giving them preferential treatment in federal contract awards.


HUBZone certification is designed to provide federal contracting opportunities to businesses that are located and employee people in areas that are marked by lower wages and higher unemployment rates than the rest of the country.


The Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Certification is for veterans who suffered a disability while on active duty.


The WOSB or 8(m) Certification program is designed to help women make inroads into industries which are statistically under represented by women. There are 83 NAICS codes where women-owned small businesses with these certifications can now obtain preferential treatment in federal contract awards.

We provide a free 10 minute call to screen applicants to see if their company is eligible for all four SBA certifications, including the 8a certification. We then provide the client with a list of required documents to help them avail the full 8a advantage. We interview them, create required schedules, process applications and help in online form submission.

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What ROI Can I Expect?

The ROI varies based upon the industry of the firm and which certification is obtained. Average revenues range from $1.0 million per firm for WOSB certification holders to over $3.7 million for 8a certification holders. For most SBA approved firms their 8a certification provides growth opportunities more than all other marketing channels combined.

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Why Evaluate Advance 8a Now?

Most companies put doing business with the federal government at the bottom of their to-do list because working with a massive bureaucracy is unappealing. However, SBA certification can add millions in revenue and thousands of dollars to your bottom line. It is up to you to take the first step! Give us a call for 8a certification.

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8a-certification-kentucky-usaWe assist your company to obtain federal‬ contracts because the ‪‎8a Certification‬ allows a firm to receive sole source and set-aside contracts from the ‪‎Federal Government‬. The average 8a‬ firm by using these two contracting mechanisms generates over 4 million ‪dollars‬ per year in ‪business‬ with the federal government.

Advance 8a provides firms not currently ready for the ‪8a Certification‬ with strategy ‪consultations‬ that will allow your ‪company‬ to get to eligibility generally months faster than it would have without this ‪expert‬ service.

75% of 8a applications get rejected by ‪SBA‬. Advance 8a reverses these odds and gets your application accepted by the SBA and heavily skews the odds in your favor of you receiving the ‪8a Certification‬.

Call us now to learn more: 513-843-4288